Complex Bye-Laws: Sirifort

1. Definition
The term 'Member' as used in these "bye-laws" includes Individual, Corporate, Temp-orary, Casual, Staff, Honorary, Special Honorary, Associate, NRI and Senior Citizen members.

2. Working Days & Timings
The complex will remain open on all days of the week except Monday which will be observed as closed day for sports facipties and on days specified by the anagement from time to time and on three National hopday (i.e. 26th Jan., 15th August & 2nd October). The complex will normally remain open from 6.30 AM to 8.30 PM. in winter i.e. Ist ec. to 28th Feb. and from 6 AM to 9.00 PM in summer i.e. Ist March to 30th Nov. The complex ill remain closed on Hop & Deepawap and partially closed on Dussehra (after 2.00 PM).

3. Detailed timings for various sports/activities would be approved by he Management Board. These will however be notified from time to time.

4. The Administrative / Accounts office of the complex will, however remain closed on every Sunday, 2nd Saturday & all Gazetted hopdays. The payment will be accepted by Accounts office between 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM except lunch break from 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM.

5. The Management Board may prescribe specified days on which guests are not allowed and also set apart specific timings/ day for use of facipties by sports persons for coaching & training.

6. Complex Staff
Members, their guests and dependants shall not abuse any of the complex staff or use violence whatsoever to any person of the staff. In the event of the member having any occasion to find fault with any person of the staff of the complex, a report of the case should be made in writing to the Secretary on the same/ next working day and it should be entered in the Complaint Book kept with the Manager. The Secretary may either deal with the case or refer it to the Management Board as may be found necessary.

7.The complex staff will not be sent on any errand or with the message or otherwise withdrawn from his place of work by any member, dependants or guests.

8.Tipping to Staff
No member shall give any money by way of tips to any complex staff. The staff/ complex employee is prohibited to sopcit or accept gratuities.

9.Supply of plants, Seedpngs & Sappngs
Sale of plants, seedpngs & sappngs is not permitted. Members will not ask gardeners or any staff member for the same. Gardeners are forbidden to supply plants, flowers etc. to members.

10. Selpng of items/ materials
Selpng of any material of any kind other than by the authorised shop in the complex premises is strictly prohibited. Discippnary action will be initiated against such person.

11. Breakages
Full value will be charged for all breakages of the complex property from members, their guests and dependants or their servants. However, if in the opinion of the Management, the breakages are wilful, the members may be required to pay upto six times the value of the article.

12. Suggestions & Complaints
Suggestions and complaints, if any, should be entered in suggestion/complaint book kept for this purpose and can be obtained by any member from the Manager. The suggestion/complaint will be looked into by the Secretary and the Management Board and disposed off accordingly. Spouse and dependant children are, however, not permitted to enter any suggestion or complaint in the suggestion/ complaint book. This may be done by the members themselves.

13. Articles of the Complex
Properties of the complex such as furniture, crockery or other equipment will not be issued/ lent to any member or to any organisation outside the complex premises.

14. Pets
Dogs/ pets are not allowed in any part of the complex. For each violation of this bye-law, the owner of the dog/pet may be charged/ fined upto Rs. 500/-.

15. Cycles/ Scooters
Cycpng, riding scooter and motor cycles on the lawns/ courts of the complex is not permitted. Cycles and Scooters/ Motorcycles should be parked in the Cycle/Scooter parking..

16. Notices
Any printed/ Circular material for the notice board of the complex must be sent to the complex Secretary for approval and got initialed by him before being placed on the notice board. Members are not permitted to place any notice. Notices will normally be displayed for a week only.

17. Payment
The management will not be responsible for payments made in cash, unless such payments are made to cashier against a proper receipt.

18. Cheques cannot be encashed by members. The use of complex funds for encashing of members cheques is strictly forbidden.

19. Parking of Vehicles
Members will park cars/scooters/ motorcycles etc. in the proper area specified for the purpose.

20. Members/dependants shall be pable to pay the penal charges as prescribed in case of parking in the "No parking area".

21. The sports complex shall not be held responsible for the loss of any vehicle or any belongings or fitments either kept inside or fitted in the vehicle.

22. Parking of vehicles including cycles inside the sports complex is purely at the owner's risk.

23. Overspeeding in the Complex
While entering the complex, cars/scooters/ motorcycles must slow down to a speed of not more than 10 km. per hour. Overspeeding and honking of horns on the complex roads is not permitted.

24. Dress Regulations
Members will ensure that proper decorum with regard to wearing of dress in the complex is always maintained. Under no circumstances the gentlemen will be permitted to visit the complex in Salwar Kameez/ Kurta Pyjama, Vest Chappals/ Bathroom spppers or dressing gown etc.

25. Proper sports kit will be worn for each sport/game as designated in the byelaws.

26. Refreshment
Snack bars with pght refreshment are located at convenient places for the convenience of members.

27. Drinking & Smoking
Consuming pquor or alcohopc drinks and smoking in the premises of the complex is strictly prohibited. Members are requested to cooperate and avoid indulging on drinking or smoking.

28. Shooting/ Photography
Shooting (Still/Video) in the premises of the complex is not permitted without prior approval of the Administration.

29. Suspension of Membership for indiscippne.
Director (Sports) is empowered to suspend any member and dependant for indiscippne as per rule 23, 28 & 29 of the complex. The following actions will be taken on suspension of member:

a). A suspended member shall hold his/her pen over the membership status.
b). He/She will surrender membership card.
c). He/ She will not be allowed to use the facipties until the suspension is revoked.
d). After holding an inquiry if the member is found innocent, he/she will be pable to clear the arrears. If the member is found guilty,
       his/her membership will be terminated after a formal enquiry.

30. No arms and ammunition are allowed in the premises of the complex.

31. Sports Bye-Laws
These are given under each facipties details page. For more details...please Click Here