Rules & regulation: Sirifort

1. Introduction
Siri Fort Sports Complex has been set up by the Delhi Development Authority as a part of development and growth of Sports in Delhi. The name of the body will be Delhi Development Authority, Siri Fort Sports Complex. It will have flood lit Tennis, Basketball, Golf Driving Range, an Indoor Badminton Stadium and playing facilities for Squash, Table Tennis, Billiards, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Aerobics, Yoga, Taekwondo, Multigym, Swimming, Mini Golf Course, Jogging, Croquet, Skating, Shooting , Reiki, Naturopathy & Children Park and Lawn Bowling. Facilities for other sports may be added subsequently

2. Objectives
The objectives of the DDA Siri Fort Sports Complex (hereinafter called the Sports Complex ) are :-
a). To provide recreational & healthy environment to the citizens of Delhi keeping in view the requirement of Master Plan.
b). To induce sports activities and spirit of mutual help and goodwill among citizens of Delhi in general and in members of the body in particular.
c). To promote various sports e.g. Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Billiards,Badminton, Taekwondo, Golf, Aerobics, Swimming and other team games.

3. General Objectives
a). To buy, prepare, supply, sell or deal in all kinds of apparatus/materials used in connection with games provided by the Sports Complex.
b). To purchase, hire, make or provide and maintain all kinds of furniture, implements, tools, utensils, linen, stationery, cards and other items required in connection with the running of the Sports Complex.
c). To hire, engage and employ markers, coaches, instructors, groundsmen and other staff required for day to day running of the complex and to pay to them as per service conditions as may be agreed upon.
d). To work under overall control, supervision and direction of the Management Board under the chairmanship of Hon'ble L.G. of Delhi for promotion of Sports facilities in Delhi.
e). To do all other lawful things as are incidental or conducive for the attainment of the above objectives.
f). The management Board shall have power from time to time to make, alter and repeal all such rules/bye-laws as they may deem necessary or convenient for the proper conduct and management of the Sports Complex.
g). To do all other lawful things as are incidental or conducive for the attainment of the above objectives.

4. Membership
Various categories of membership are given below and are defined in succeeding paragraphs. Membership in respect of all the categories will be approved by or on behalf of the Management Board. Membership, however, only provides playing rights in the Sports Complex
(a) Individual Membership; Indian/ Foreign Citizen
(b) Dependant Membership
(c) Associate Membership
(d) Senior Citizens Membership
(e) Corporate Membership; Indian/Foreign Companies
(f) Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Membership
(g) Temporary Membership
(h) Special Temporary Membership
(i) Honorary Membership
(j) Special Honorary Membership
(k) Staff Membership (DDA Staff only)
(l) Guest Membership
(m) Casual Membership (pay & play)

5. Individual Membership
Any Individual above 21 years of age shall be eligible for becoming a regular member. The membership once granted shall not be transferred. Individual member can nominate his/her spouse and children (between age of 5 years to 21 years) as dependant. It is necessary to nominate dependants at the time of applying for individual membership. The monthly subscription in respect of dependant members as prescribed from time to time shall be effective from the date of approval of individual membership. The total monthly subscription shall thus be calculated as per the family details given by the member. The dependant members once nominated are liable to continue as dependant members till they attain the age of 21 years, the eligible age for Associate Membership. The Management Board however reserves the right to refuse or accept the membership of the dependants.

6. Dependant Membership
6.1). Spouse and legal children-between the age of 5 years to 21 years, are eligible to become dependant members. Dependants, however, have to be nominated by the member and their details should be disclosed in the application form/bye-laws form at the time of applying for any category of membership.
6.2). Any member who gets married after obtaining the membership of the Sports Complex may get his/her spouse included as dependant from the date of marriage. Similarly, children on attaining the age of 5 years are permitted as dependants. The onus of including the name of dependants, and payment of their subscription lies with the member. The monthly subscription in such cases shall be effective from the month of their getting married or children attaining the age of 5 years
6.3). Unless payment of subscription for dependants is made from the date of approval of individual membership, dependants will not be issued the membership card.
6.4). Dependant children will cease to be dependant member on attaining the age of 21 years. They must surrender their membership card.
6.5). The individual member intending to enroll his dependants as members at a later stage shall have to pay the monthly subscription as applicable with retrospective effect i.e. from the date of approval of his/her membership
6.6). Dependant cards will be issued for a period of 5 years at a time and new cards will be changed every 5 years with latest photographs.

7. Associate Membership
On attaining the age of 21 years, the dependant children of a member who have used the complex for a minimum period of one year may apply for Associate embership if he/she wishes to continue the use of the complex. Depending upon the availability of vacancies, the Sports Management Board may grant Associate Membership subject to following conditions:-
a). Option to become Associate member must be exercised within one year of attaining the age of 21 years.
7.1). The monthly subscription for Associate members will be same as for the individual members.
7.2). Associate members are not permitted to add dependants & to bring guests.

8. Senior Citizens Membership
Senior Citizens membership is meant only for those who have attained the age of 60 years. This will be against proof of age. Only spouse will be permitted as dependant member.

9. Corporate Membership
Public sector and private commercial firms are eligible for Corporate membership subject to approval and payment of prescribed entrance fee. One nominee will be allowed to use the facilities on monthly subscription as prescribed from time to time. The sponsoring firm may get the name of nominee changed by giving prior intimation and taking approval before change of nominee is effected. The cards of the previous nominees will be surrendered.

10. NRI Membership
NRIs are eligible to obtain individual membership subject to payment of prescribed entrance fee. The entrance fee is in Rupee equivalent of US$ 1000, The amount should be paid by draft in Rupees from nonresident account of the NRI through a scheduled bank along with a certificate from the bank certifying that the amount has been debited from NRI account of the individual.

11. Temporary Membership
Temporary membership is for a period of 3 months on one time nonrefund- able payment of fee as prescribed. It is family membership. Spouse and children constitute the family. Dependants (spouse and children) pay the prescribed fee for the dependant membership. Payment should be made in advance by way of Bank Draft/Pay Order. Temporary members are not allowed to bring Guests.
11.1). emporary membership is given by the Secretary based on a computerised draw of 27th of every month
11.2). Applicant is required to submit two stamp size photographs of self and dependants for separate membership cards. A copy of birth certificate for dependant legal children between the age of 5 years to 21 years is also required.

12. Special Temporary Membership
Only Central Govt. Officials residing within the radius of 2 Kms. from the complex are eligible for this type of membership, subject to approval by the Management Board and on payment of Rs. 4,000/-or as revised as one time non refundable fee for one year for the applicant, spouse and children (children below 21 years). Officials working in Banks, Public Sectors and Autonomous bodies are not eligible for this type of membership.

13. Honorary Membership
Past and present Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Finance Member and Engineer Member of DDA will be the Honorary Members.

14. Special Honorary Membership
This is offered to Arjuna Awardees or to exceptional National /International players residing in Delhi as per the rules framed by the Sports Management Board. Special Honorary member will be exempted from paying the entry fee but will be charged normal monthly subscription as per prescribed rates.

15.Staff Membership
This type of membership is restricted only to employees of the DDA.

16. Guest Membership
Guests can be brought by the regular member to avail facilities of the Complex as per bye-laws of the Complex, subject to payment of Rs.25/- per day or as revised. The name of the guest and that of the member will be entered in the book kept for the purpose. The duty in-charge has the right to refuse or accept guest membership.
16.1). A member will be responsible for the conduct of his/her Guest
16.2). Management/duty in-charge has right to refuse any guest during peak hours i.e. 6.00 to 8.00 AM and 7.00 to 9.00 PM (in summer) & 6.30 to 8.30 AM and 6.30 to 8.30 PM (in winter) for any facility.

17. Casual Membership (Pay & Play)
Causal membership (valid for the day) may be allowed by Complex incharge subject to payment of Rs. 40/- and Rs. 100/- for Indian Nationals and Foreign Nationals respectively and other charges as may be prescribed from time to time. This category of membership will be allowed subject to availability of sports facilities.

18. Membership of widows/ widowers
In the case of widow / widower of a deceased individual member who applies to be admitted as an individual member, she/he may be made a member subject to the approval of Director (Sports). No entrance fee shall be payable in such cases However, previous outstanding dues will be settled before membership is allotted.

19. Membership Card
19.1). Monday would be observed as the close day for facilities requesting weekly maintenance like Swimming Pool, Squash Courts, Indoor Badminton Stadium, Gold Driving Range including Mini Golf Course, Cricket Ground and Football Ground. Other facilities would remain open for Members on all Mondays.
19.2). Each member and dependant member will be permitted to use the facilities only on production of membership card. Separate membership cards for members and dependants are required to be made on payment as prescribed from time to time. Member's / dependant's coloured photograph of size 1" x 1 1/2" has to be affixed on the card.
19.3). It is the responsibility of the member to apply for preparation of membership card and to collect it after the due date.
19.4). Not applying or collecting the cards will not be an excuse for not paying monthly subscription/using the facilities without having the membership card.
19.5). If a card is lost the member has to apply for duplicate card along with copy of Police Report. In case of loss of card by dependant, a request is required from the member for duplicate card.
19.6). Loss of card will invite penalty of Rs.25/-or as revised plus additional charges as prescribed for making a duplicate card.
19.7). Validity of dependant card for children is 5 years or the date of attaining the age of 21 years whichever is earlier. On completion of 5 years from the date of issue of the card the member should apply for the fresh card specially for the dependant on payment and surrender the old card.

20. Entrance fee & Subscription Fee for Membership
The following are the rates for entrance fee and monthly subscription. These are subject to revision from time to time.
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