About DDA Sports Complexes#

The Delhi Development Authority, DDA has been working steadfastly towards defining Delhi's current evident global avatar that comprises charting out manicured millennium parks accounting for nearly 17 percent of City's green cover, building one million dwelling units, condominiums for the contemporary global Delhi denizen, close to 650 vibrant commercial complexes, 22 industrial estates, and over 3,500 institutional plots. Showcasing visionary planning, the DDA has been determinedly building state-of-art sports complexes, 15 of which span the city today, 39 fitness centres, 2 golf courses, and no less than 26 green area playgrounds to make recreational and serious sporting facilities easily accessible to the denizens of Delhi.

Today, every geographical zone of the city has been provided with sporting facilities which are improving with time. The nominal fee structures and various concessional offers provided to students and Senior citizens ensured that these sporting complexes are no longer simply the rich man's arena. The facility of "Pay & Play" the mass participation in sports can be ensured to help the city achieve a healthy and a positive lifestyle, and create a talent pool of budding sports persons who could contribute to India's greater participation in International and national sporting events and bring laurels to the country. The majority of Delhi has access to sports complexes created by DDA.

Other Contribution:
DDA is playing a vital role not just in creating a huge network of sports facilities in Delhi, it is also actively identifying and training (schemes) budding sports talent in the city.
The Sports Complexes, Play-Fields, Multi-Gyms, fitness trails and Golf Courses that DDA has created all over the city have given to professional sportsmen and to amateurs the right infrastructure to hone their sporting talents.
The various talent hunt schemes that DDA runs are implementing the maxim of catching them young and the results are already visible in the excellent performance of these boys and girls.
DDA is utilizing the services of India's top sportsmen to train and guide the talented youngsters and also providing facilities, kits and stipend to the selected bright boys and girls.

"A love for Delhi, passion for sports; DDA's sporting vision translated into a mission to promote sports and create sports infrastructure accessible to all Delhiites."

DDA Promotes Sports

To support the cause of budding sports talent and train them in the right direction, the DDA runs promotional schemes for football and athletics, and encourages players to hone their talent. The aim is to pick up talent at grass root level, nurture them to achieve the skill of the game and make Delhi and India proud on the international stage.

Under the scheme young boys and girls undergo a talent hunt competition and the best amongst the lot are picked up, trained under the guidance of well-known coaches, and even provided with facilities of monthly stipend, medical insurance, games kit etc.

Athletics Promotion Scheme
Started in 2001, the scheme is provided under the able guidance of DDA athletics adviser, Arjuna awardee and Padma Shri, G S Randhawa, alongwith other competent professional coaches. The selection criterion for the scheme is the same as that for football wherein players are selected on the basis of their performance in the trials held across Delhi. The selected few are trained to compete in both the national and international tournaments.

Football Promotion Scheme
Launched in 2002, the aim behind the scheme is to popularise football amongst youngsters. The players are selected on the basis of trials held at Siri Fort Sports Complex and the Yamuna Sports Complex. The selected few are imparted regular coaching under the guidance and the expert eye of renowned coach and ex-FIFA referee and Football Adviser to the DDA, Melvyn D'Souza.

Summer and Winter Coaching Camps
The DDA organises coaching in various sports disciplines during summer and winter foir the children to enjoy games during their vacations. The duration of the camp is normally 15-30 days and the schedule for the activities is drawn in accordance with the availability of the coaches already conducting training sessions in the complexes. Coaching sessions are held both in the morning and evening. These camps are organised by all the sports complexes of the DDA and are accessible to children of all age groups.

Events for Mass participation - DDA sports gala organised at all Sports complexes
This is an annual feature in which a member of individual sports competitions are held in each complex for members. Invitational tournaments at school level are also organised as part of the gala in sports disciplines like football, basketball, cricket, hockey, volleyball etc.

Pay & Play
The sports complexes are membership oriented. Various types of memberships are available including on "pay and play" basis for anyone who wants to avail the sports facilities. The maintenance of the DDA complexes is thus made possible from members monthly / pay and play fee and allied charges received from licensing out of Snack Bars, Pro Shops etc. Rules and Regulations for the Sports Complexes have been formulated and membership is approved by a Screening Committee nominated for each complex. Details of Rules/Regulations etc are given under sports complexes.

Membership Ceiling:
SMB has laid down a ceiling of 5000 for all complexes except Siri Fort, Saket, Pitampura and Yamuna Sports Complex. Ceiling for Siri Fort is 7000 and 6000 each for Saket ,Rashtriya Swabhimaan Khel Parishar at Pitampura and Yamuna Sports Complex.

Types of Membership :
Besides life time Individual membership, other types of membership are - Corporate Membership (CM), Staff Membership for DDA staff (SM), Temporary Membership (TM), Special Temporary Membership (STM) for govt. employees, Honorary Membership (HM) which is only for past and present LG, VC, FM and EM. Special Honorary Membership (SHM) is reserved for Arjuna Awardees and outstanding National players. Casual Membership for the day is also available. Spouse and children (between the age of 5-21 years) are required to be enrolled as dependants. On attaining the age of 21 years, dependant children can seek Associate Membership (AM).

Membership Charges:
Besides entry fee, which is non-refundable monthly subscription are to be paid by members as per rates given under the sports complex. Senior Citizen, above the age of 60 years, are given concession both in entry fee as 1/5 th of normal rate and 40 % concession in monthly subscription. A special concession is given for students between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm which are off peak hours. Separate charges for coaching and some of the games are levied depending upon the fee fixed from time to time. Most of the coaching schemes are on revenue sharing basis between the DDA and the Coach.Service tax is charged whereever applicable.

Financial Management
The Sports accounts though maintained separately as Sports Wing Accounts but are a part of DDA Main Accounts. Compiled accounts are submitted to CAO on monthly basis for inclusion in DDA Main Accounts.

As per the decision of the Sports Management Board, entry fee collected from the members is transferred to DDA Main Nazul Account-II as remittance towards capital expenditure incurred on development of sports infra-structure. Entry fee collected during each quarter is remitted to DDA Main before the end of the next quarter.

Funds collected on account of monthly subscription and miscellaneous receipts are utilised for meeting day to day expenditure, as a whole Sports Wing is self sustaining.

To improve the financial health of each complex, a number of measures have been initiated. These are :-
Regular drives to cancel the membership of defaulters : Membership of defaulters is being cancelled regularly so that more members can be enrolled
Computerisation of Membership Data is being done for all the complexes. Computers have now been made available in all the Sports Complexes
Despatch of Notices : Regular despatch of notices on quarterly basis billing has improved collection

Budgeting :
The budget of Sports Wing is a part of DDA main Budget under the head Nazul -II. The budget estimate and revised budget estimates are submitted to CAO for incorporating the same in the DDA main Budget for approval of the Authority.

Audit :
Accounts are audited by the DDA internal auditors and by CAG's office as external audit. Accounts of all the complexes have been audited by internal audit and the CAG.